S2, E16 - Host the Hosts 2
May 27, 2021

Episode Wisdom: While many coaches are dedicated to their craft, true leadership in coaching manifests in many ways. For Darrin Sheffer and Steve Kuchefski, podcasts are an extension of their commitment to both entertain and educate the larger coaching community!
S2, E15 - The Youth Sports "Gap" in America
May 13, 2021

Episode Wisdom: The pendulum of Youth Sports participation has swung too far in the wrong direction. The Youth Sports industry sits at an inflection point in the market – where athletes, parents, and coaches must push back in the other direction and close the “gap” in participation!
S2, E14 - Trevor & Cody Harris
May 6, 2021

Episode Wisdom: It doesn’t matter what situation you’re facing, you must learn to “control the controllables!” Focus on your attitude and effort and be the authentic “best you” possible. Love God and love people and the rest will take care of itself!!
S2, E13 - Melanie Redd
April 29, 2021

Episode Wisdom: All you really have to do is “show up!” Everyone starts somewhere and it’s okay to start at the bottom and work your way up to reach your full potential. Be grateful that you get to train and play football. Celebrate the small wins and strive to get “one percent better” every day!
S2, E12 - Relationships with Parents and Coaches
April 15, 2021

Episode Wisdom: As leaders in the Youth Sports industry, Heath Eslinger and Gordon MacLelland present their unique and refreshing perspectives. They provide a practical "way ahead" as we emerge from the pandemic and begin to reshape the future!
S2, E11 - Bobby Jackson & Bobby Butler
April 8, 2021

Episode Wisdom: Former Florida State cornerbacks Bobby Jackson (BoJack) and Bobby Butler shared but a single season (1977) in college at FSU. The friendship they formed, however, has lasted through successful professional careers in the NFL and continues to grow today!
S2, E10 - Drew Pittman
April 1, 2021

Episode Wisdom: Drew Pittman’s passion for sports manifested in a somewhat atypical way. He chose to pursue a living in an industry where the proverbial “good guys” are likely to finish last. Yet living his faith and being true to himself has, in fact, led to huge success and a reputation for a Professional Sports Agent!
S2, E9 - Host the Hosts
March 25, 2021

Episode Wisdom: If it’s true that leaders are driven by something bigger than themselves, these three coaches epitomize “leadership!” Kenny Simpson, Dustin Mills and Anthony Stone share why they believe growing the game for future generations of coaches is second only to preparing their athletes for life, both now and in the future!
S2, E8 - Nathan McPeek
March 18, 2021

Episode Wisdom: Growing up in a “football family” was certainly an advantage for Coach Nathan McPeek. His home-grown love for the game is what fuels his desire to give back through coaching...and that desire is evident in the success he and his Broncos achieve, both on and off the field!
S2, E7 - Art Kehoe & Mark Evans
March 11, 2021

Episode Wisdom: It’s hard to discuss the history of “The U” between 1980–2005 without talking about Coach Art Kehoe...and the perfect guy with whom to reminisce is Coach Mark Evans. Regardless of the time between chats, the memories and energy start to flow long-time friends exchange pleasantries!
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