Host - John Davis

John Davis is a 23-year US Army Veteran/Retiree with 20+ years of coaching Youth Sports and 25+ years of management and leadership experience. He is the Owner/President of JD Sports Academy and host of the For The Good Of The Game podcast. John is also a self-proclaimed “football junkie” who attributes much of his success to playing/coaching/loving the game. He has been married for 35 years to Julie and together, they raised four (now adult) children: Parker, Kegan, Tyler and Kathryn. John’s current personal and professional focus is directed toward “giving back” to the Youth Sports community and being a force for change in “keeping MORE kids, playing MORE sports, for MORE of their lives!”

JD Sports Academy is an LLC registered in Kentucky, that was started by John Davis in 2012. JD Sports Academy is dedicated to sharing the latest fundamentals (physical, mental, social & spiritual), in support of 360-degree personal development. When an athlete comes full circle (360 degrees) in life, they are more capable of being the best version of themselves. This "well rounded" individual is better prepared to contribute as Student, Athlete & Citizen – and lead others to do the same! The Academy currently operates virtually (online only).

For The Good Of The Game is a football podcast, which began on December 5, 2019 and is hosted by John Davis. The theme for Season 1 was to share “football insights and life skills,” from which athletes and parents alike might benefit. Season 1 (which ended on 4/16/20), includes 20 “regular” episodes, as well as four “Special Feature” episodes. The theme for Season 2 is “relationships,” focused on how the bonds between players and coaches make the game of football special and unique! The podcast “audio” episodes are available on all major streaming platforms and the “video” episodes are available on the For The Good Of The Game YouTube channel. Beginning in March 2021, For The Good Of The Game podcast is proud to be part of and featured on the Sports History Network!
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