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Strength & Conditioning Coach Melanie Redd shares an inside look at her journey and the relationships she built along the way!
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Resetting Youth Sports - Calling All Moms!
June 22, 2020 JOHN DAVIS
    I've got a radical idea to help “reset” Youth Sports, following this Covid19 pandemic! I don’t think of it as “revolutionary” however, is “evolutionary!” Some will say it’s not radical at all, nor should I have chosen “moms.” My choice was intentional, because of the visceral connection that most of us share with the word (or, uh...person) we know as MOM. Besides, when you turn the word MOM upside-down, you have the word WOW! Read Full Blog Post
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What If Kids Ran Sports?
April 27, 2020 JOHN DAVIS
    Have you ever thought about what Youth Sports might be like if kids ran the show? I know, you probably have visions of “mass chaos” jump into your mind! However, take a second to consider several “non-sport” issues, where kids set the example for adults…

How often have you seen video on your news feed of children helping other children, without regard to age, race or gender?
How many times have your own children or grandchildren “amazed” you with an astute answer or comment in response to an adult question?  Read Full Blog Post
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Heroes...Where Do Today's Youth Find Them?
    Just what is a “hero?” Have you ever had a hero or do you have one now? Consider the fact you may have adopted a hero and not really been conscious of the decision. Heroes don’t have to come with tights, capes, x-ray vision or super-powers.They don’t have to be a giant (in stature) or look like Mr. Universe. Some heroes may not even know they’re fulfilling the role. Before we go any further, let’s define what we’re talking about. Read Full Blog Post
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